What type of EV charger do I need?

F-150 Lighting

Charging Basics

EVs come from the factory with a level 1 charging plug. For most, that will be insufficient. Similarly, going to a level 3 fast charger daily is likely out of the question unless one is installed at your place of work AND you have a short commute home.

Charger LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Typical Power Output1 kW7 kW – 19 kW50 – 350 kW
Estimated PHEV Charge Time from Empty25 – 6 hours 1 – 2 hours N/A
Estimated BEV Charge Time from Empty340 – 50 hours4 – 10 hours20 minutes – 1 hour4
Estimated Electric Range per Hour of Charging2 – 5 miles10 – 20 miles180 – 240 miles
Typical LocationsHomeHome, Workplace, and PublicPublic

EV Charging Solution

For most residential owners of electric vehicles, installation of a level 2 charger at home is ideal. Level 2 chargers are affordably priced and will enable a fast-overnight charge at the convenience of your home.


Charger Spotlight

photo of ev charger, America Charged
Wifi-enabled ChargePoint Flex

We are especially impressed with ChargePoint’s Flex home charger. This level 2 is convenient and high-powered. Stock investors may wish to take note as well.



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