Answers to the Top EV Charging FAQs

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EV and Charging FAQs

Where do I charge an EV in public?

Public chargers are being constructed daily. With tens of thousands nationally, find the closest to you:

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How long does an electric car take to charge at a public charger?

Charging speed depends on an assortment of elements including the current battery percentage the peak rate that the vehicle can accept, and the ultimate rate that the charging equipment can provide. Typically, a 20-80% charge will take about 30 minutes, on average, regardless, some cars may charge faster or slower.

Rates of charge in miles per minute range from 3-20 miles per minute.

How do I charge an EV at home?

Most people who buy an EV, install a level 2 charger in a garage, driveway, or side of the home. Level 1 chargers are typically included with vehicle purchases but are very slow (5 miles of charge/hour) and are sufficient if the vehicle will be used infrequently, or only for short trips.

What are the basics of level 2 chargers?

Level 2 chargers require a 240-volt outlet (electric clothes dryer equivalent). Some homeowners may need to upgrade their electrical panel if they have an older or under powered home. A licensed electrician is in order. Chargers are typically installed in garages but can be mounted on pedestals in driveways, along curbs, or on the side of buildings.

What can I expect from a level 2 charger?

Charging capabilities are between 25-30 miles per hour, so most EVs will fully charge overnight. This means, every day, you can start off with a full battery and pursue maximum range.

How much does it cost to install an EV charger at my house?

Typical level 2 chargers can be installed for as little as $500 with most installed under $2000 with site work. Panel upgrades will cost more.

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