Cool, or Hot EV Features

Tesla EV dashboard, AmericaCharged
Photo by Roberto Nickson on

The ability to remotely use features of your vehicle is an evolving reality. This week, we spotlight the available technology offered by Elon Musk’s industry-leading company. Current Tesla owners may already be bragging about their ability to do the following; remotely from the Tesla app.

  • Check the current charging state of the vehicle
  • Set the charging rate and level. For example, only charge to 80% battery capacity to extend battery life.
  • Lock/unlock doors, and open/close the charger port and trunk.
  • Start the vehicle remotely.
  • Climate controls include cabin temperature using heating/cooling as well as heated seats, defrosters, and even window venting.
  • Location tracking of the vehicle on a map while traveling or finding the vehicle’s location in a large, parking lot.
  • Navigation to locations and autonomous driving.
  • Location, current availability, and navigation to nearby fast charging locations (superchargers)

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