Road Trip!

Road Trip: Gas

While there may be shortages of certain products nationally, cars and gas can still be purchased everywhere – but at a higher cost. Prices for all cars (new, used, gas, and electric) are at all-time highs, yet finding a gas station or a decent vehicle is still a reality.

Gas Prices

The traditional American summer road trip has gotten quite expensive! With $5 gas as the national average, pain at the pump is magnified for the road tripper! Having just returned from a 2500-mile road trip, gas prices ranged from $.4.55 to $5.29 / gallon on my route.

Here is how to evaluate the cost differences between electric vehicles and your standard, gas-powered vehicle:

The truth about ev charging v. gas prices

Road Trip: Electric

Two, recent examinations have yielded results that show what many EV critics have maintained: The charging network is great in most cities and suburbs, but traveling between presents some issues:

-waiting 30-45 minutes for a fast charge is a time delay for many travelers. Working a lunch stop into a charging stop is the obvious solution.

-locating a fast charger off of main travel corridors is challenging. Forget Route 66-type trips for the time being, although most tourist destinations offer electric charging options.

The good news:

-EV charging is cheaper than gas fill-ups, regardless of electric rates or gas prices.

-More charging facilities are coming online daily

Read for yourself:

The Takeaway

Electric car sales are booming and auto manufacturers, not the government, are plotting the future of transportation. The gas vehicle will not be replaced entirely in this decade, but the move to electric is not a fad. Expect to be driving one sooner than you think.

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How to deal with gas prices, EVs and the road ahead!

cars ahead on road
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Gas Prices

Consumers are rightfully concerned with the predictable, sharp increase in gas prices over the last two years. When gas bills double, how can you manage it?

Many sources promote electric vehicles as the only answer, but their initial cost premium and scarcity on dealers’ lots make converting to an EV a better moderate to a long-term solution. Two vehicle households would be wise to trade in for a high-economy gas vehicle and consider shopping for an EV when the time is right.

gas price chart, Americacharged
Source: Gasbuddy

Car Prices

Car prices have shown signs of leveling off and recent data suggests a continuation of the trend. That does not signal a return of affordably-priced vehicles (new or used), but better deals may emerge.

Historically, car sales spike in April as people receive their tax refunds. This year, however, retail sales declined by 13% in April from March and is down 21% from last year. Used car inventory has also increased

Nasdaq 5/30/22

Road Trip = Shopping Trip

Some differences in car prices between cities can be up to 30% so short shopping trips may save many thousands.

EV Options

As we have analyzed recently, EVs can make sense for a lot of people and can have many benefits over ICE vehicles.

Do your own calculation:


 The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT will now start at $26,595.


The Ford F-150 Lightning is sure to impress if you can get one in the next order cycle.

red, Ford pickup truck, EV, Americacharged
F-150 Lightning, Courtesy of Ford

Gold Standard

How about comfort, and a roomy cabin in a vehicle that can go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds? Over 1,000 h.p. and a range of up to 333 miles. Tesla Model X Plaid is a phenomenon.

blue, Tesla car on highway, EV, Americacharged
Tesla Model x Plaid Source: Tesla

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What’s in your garage?

concentrated woman carrying stack of cardboard boxes for relocation
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Do you have a lot of clutter in your garage? If you are like a lot of people, you are storing more items than you would like. The good news is that if you getting ready for an electric vehicle, you won’t need to make a lot of space or remove all your possessions.

black classic car inside the garagewhite honda car parked near white building

EV Chargers

Level 2 charger installation. Most residential EV users will want to have a garage or house-installed Level 2 chargers. These require a 240v circuit similar to electric clothes dryers or similar, high-voltage appliances.

Level 2 units typically charge 10-30 miles per hour and achieve full range in about 8 hours. Installation costs are reasonable and allow the most flexibility and peace of mind for drivers.

Not sure the difference between level 1, 2 and 3 chargers? Read our recent article:

How do I charge an electric vehicle?

Installation of an EV Charger

silver chevy silverado electric pickup truck, America Charged/

Step 1: Select your next vehicle

Step 2: Check your electrical panel for capability (get in touch with a licensed electrician) Click on the word electrician if you can’t find one.

Step 3: Have an electrician install a level 2 charger

Step 4: Charge your EV easily at home to full charge overnight!

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EV and Charging FAQs

Every day you likely see an article about a new electric vehicle or charging initiative. Here we start answering your most basic questions first – then we tackle the details of pricing.


The Details of Pricing

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Click on the road to map the investment opportunities associated with EVs.

forced perspective photography of cars running on road below smartphone
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YouTube EV Stars!

The best EV options coming soon or ready to buy. From captivating, new models to the best options for home charging, here is how to shortcut YouTube to find the information you need.

Thinking about installing an EV home charger?

Learn which options are best for your home/garage install:

A Game-Changing Truck!

While you can’t buy it yet, you can track developments and invest in this startup. Atlis will be producing true off-road and workhorse EV trucks.

EV Drag Race!

The soon-to-be-delivered Hummer EV and road-ready Rivian R1T take on a lightning bolt.

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The Basics of Home Charging

For those considering an EV, here is a great video providing the basics of home charging.

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How do I charge an electric vehicle?

house lights turned on
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“How do I charge an ev?”

EV Charging Options

Option 1: Charge on the road. If you have no garage or direct vehicle access or live in an apartment without designated charging, you may be limited to metered charging at your place of work, shopping, or municipal lots. Charging at fast chargers can take up to 45 minutes and costs vary:

Option 2: Level 1 Charger. Most EVs come standard with a level 1 charger setup and require a simple grounded, 3-prong 120 V outlet. The range will be limited and charging times are significant. Most EV owners will want to install a level 2 charger.

Option 3: Level 2 Charger Installation. Most residential EV users will want to have garage or house-installed Level 2 Chargers. These require a 240v circuit similar to electric clothes dryers or similar, high-voltage appliances. They typically charge 10-30 miles per hour and achieve full range in about 8 hours. Installation costs are reasonable and allow the most flexibility and peace of mind for drivers.

Installation Locations:

-garages (ideal)

-driveways (install outlet on side of the home, use existing outdoor electrical fixture (upgraded)

-curbside (trenching an underground line likely)

Want to get $500 off a home upgrade?

Get a $500 tax rebate from the EPA Energy Star program!

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Before You Buy Your Next Car

person standing near vehicle during nighttime
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There have been drastic price increases in most consumer segments. Low supply and high demand for both new and used cars have combined with gas prices increases that make most people grumble. The decision to buy a new vehicle has become tougher than ever.

Vehicle Options

The choices in new vehicles can be overwhelming. While most consumers are turning to trucks, crossovers, and SUVs, the choices of power sources can also be confusing. Should you go with a traditional gas (I.C.E.), hybrid or electric model?

If your decision-making process is guided by cost, you need to read our price guide:

The truth about ev charging v. gas prices

Investor Update

bitcoin coin on background of business charts
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Toyota will have 30 EV models by 2020!

Honda is investing $40 billion over ten years!

Volkswagen is investing $7 billion to build EVs in North America.

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A Storm is Coming!

The biggest news coming in the EV world is the upcoming deliveries of the most anticipated vehicle aside from Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Lightning Conductors
Lightning Conductors by Ian Paterson is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

The Lightning Storm

Ford’s much-anticipated F-150 Lightning, an all-electric truck, will begin production in less than two weeks. A kickoff party will be held at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan on the 26th and production will begin. Ford is expecting to produce up to 150,000 annually, with deliveries beginning in May. By comparison, Ford sells between 700,000 and 900,000 F-150s annually as the top-selling vehicle in America.

The Stats

The price of new technology is significant.

Starting at $40,000, you can get a work-trim truck with a 230-mile range battery and 426 hp w 775lbs of torque. The payload is 2000 lbs and 7700 lbs towing.

With an extended range battery and an extra $30k, well-appointed trucks can tow up to 10,000 lbs but payload drops by 200 lbs. Horsepower and torque are boosted to 563 hp and 775 lbs with a 0 to 60 time of 4.4 seconds! The range also jumps to 320 miles with the extended-range battery.

The front storage trunk or ‘frunk’ has a 400 lb payload and 14.1 cubic feet of space. Connection to a 2.4 kW supply of power can run power tools or electronics. 

Prices will be offset slightly by a $7500 federal tax rebate and a potential 40% reduction in maintenance costs.

Portable Power Generation

Ford’s Lightning also serves as a portable power generator and /or home backup power source. When the power goes out, an extended-range equipped F-150 can power your home for 3 days at 30kwh. Professional transfer switch installation required—reach out below to get in contact with an electrician to research and/or schedule installation.

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Considering Your Next Vehicle?

An Electric Vehicle To Impress

A vehicle you may recognize but can’t identify with certainty. As we choose between well-tested evs like Tesla and new models from almost every auto manufacturer, there was a stealth announcement made recently.

Back to the Future, Back from the Past

As gas prices remain high and new EV options hit the market, more and more consumers are researching their options.  Will the initial price premium save money over gas fill-ups? In our recent article, we uncover the financial reality of ev charging.

The truth about ev charging v. gas prices

Current map of PUBLIC electric vehicle charging stations.

As the public charging network grows daily, the question of how to replicate normal life and driving with an electric car becomes the focus.  Major highways will soon be covered as are all cities and most suburbs.  Home charging is an easy contractor job and the subject of next week’s article.  Follow our page for the facts.

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Electric Racing

We all remember electric slot car racing. Then the resurgence of the muscle car. Now the muscle car is coming to its end. Fortunately, there is hope that new electric vehicles will build upon recent torque and acceleration prowess. Dodge has teased the following:


black and white nascar car
Photo by Pixabay on

NASCAR vehicles still have a manual transmission and only received fuel injection in 2012. The internal combustion engine is not leaving NASCAR racing anytime soon but electric vehicles will likely be joining with their own circuit. (pun intended) An all-electric vehicle division is in the works, according to NASCAR officials. (source: cbs sports) Die-hard fans may be disappointed, but the sport realizes electric motor technology offers amazing acceleration. The biggest question will be how ‘recharge pit stops ‘ will work?

Photo of electric car charging.

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