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Tesla is the best known EV company and for good reason. However, there are hundreds of other options in the electric car sector alone. Let’s explore.

Ford- is targeting 40% of international sales by 2030 and a growing U.S. share with already hot sales of its Mustang Mach E EV and next year’s anticipated F-150 Lightning electric pickup.  As the bestselling truck and overall vehicle in America, the U.S. auto pioneer company looks to revolutionize the truck market with the upcoming EV option.

GM- General Motors, aims for a more ambitious expansion of EV offerings with 40% of all models offered by 2025 as EV.  Furthermore, the U.S. manufacturer plans to phase out all combustion engine vehicles by 2035 with a goal of being carbon neutral five years later. Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and Hummer nameplates will offer extensive EV choices.

Tesla- the U.S. EV pioneer will continue its ambitious offering with its anticipated Cybertruck next year and new models in the pipeline.

New EV companies such as Fisker, Rivian, Lordstown Motors, Lucid, Faraday Future will also contribute dozens of models to the U.S. market. 

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Change is near.

The EV (electric vehicle) transformation of America’s transportation network and economic system is underway. Regardless of personal or practical reservations, the industry-led and government-sponsored overhaul of over a century’s worth of infrastructure and innovation is unstoppable.

Join us as we chart the changes, explore the opportunities for individuals, business owners and investors of all types.