Cheaper EVs!

Price Changes for Electric Vehicles Recently, a significant trend in price drops across EV model lines has drawn praise and has fueled buying prospects for many consumers. When added to existing financial incentives, such as tax rebates and rising (again) gas prices, electric vehicles are more attractive than ever. Earlier this year, Tesla’s dropped itsContinue reading “Cheaper EVs!”

The EV World Grows

Electric Vehicle Trends The development of, and transition to EVs continues to grow in both America and across the globe. With the tremendous growth in Europe, China, and the United States, let’s examine the big trend patterns. Last year (2022), the numbe rof EVs sold in the U.S. rose to 807,000, comprising 5.8% of allContinue reading “The EV World Grows”

EV Incentives (including $)

There are a variety of incentives available for electric vehicles (EVs) in different countries and regions around the world. Some of the most common incentives include: It’s worth noting that incentives vary between countries and regions, so it’s best to check with your local government or utility to see what incentives are available in yourContinue reading “EV Incentives (including $)”

EV Charging 101

The basics of charging an electric vehicle are broken down for you. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable and cost-effective transportation option. However, one of the biggest challenges for EV owners is understanding how and where to charge their vehicles. In this overview we will provide a basic summary of EVContinue reading “EV Charging 101”


In 2021, 490,000 electric vehicles were sold in America. Last year (2022), that number rose to 807,000, comprising 5.8% of all new vehicles sold in the United States. In this article, we examine auto inventories, interest rates, charging options, and the general market to help you decide if this is the right year to buyContinue reading “IS 2023 THE TIME FOR YOU TO PURCHASE AN EV?”


The U.S. Department of Energy has researched and summarized the impact of cold weather and winter driving on a vehicle’s fuel economy. “Cold weather and winter driving conditions can reduce your fuel economy significantly.“ AUTOS AND WINTER WEATHER It is no secret that weather impacts the efficiency of machinery and equipment of all types.Continue reading “BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE: COLD WEATHER AND FUEL ECONOMY”

Do You Know Where and How to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

EV Charging Basics To charge an electric vehicle (EV), you will need to plug it into a charging station or outlet using the charging cable that came with the vehicle. The type of charging station or outlet you use will depend on the type of EV you have and the type of charging equipment youContinue reading “Do You Know Where and How to Charge an Electric Vehicle?”

The Electric Vehicle Equation

The Electric Vehicle Equation It has been estimated that electric cars have saved about 700 million gallons of gasoline. With over 2 million EVs on the road in the U.S., the savings appears significant. This sizable number becomes dwarfed by the fact that there are 270 million vehicles registered in the U.S. EV Fuel SavingsContinue reading “The Electric Vehicle Equation”