In 2021, 490,000 electric vehicles were sold in America. Last year (2022), that number rose to 807,000, comprising 5.8% of all new vehicles sold in the United States. In this article, we examine auto inventories, interest rates, charging options, and the general market to help you decide if this is the right year to buyContinue reading “IS 2023 THE TIME FOR YOU TO PURCHASE AN EV?”

Do You Know Where and How to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

EV Charging Basics To charge an electric vehicle (EV), you will need to plug it into a charging station or outlet using the charging cable that came with the vehicle. The type of charging station or outlet you use will depend on the type of EV you have and the type of charging equipment youContinue reading “Do You Know Where and How to Charge an Electric Vehicle?”

Before You Buy Your Next Car

There have been drastic price increases in most consumer segments. Low supply and high demand for both new and used cars have combined with gas prices increases that make most people grumble. The decision to buy a new vehicle has become tougher than ever. Vehicle Options The choices in new vehicles can be overwhelming.Continue reading “Before You Buy Your Next Car”

Electric Racing

We all remember electric slot car racing. Then the resurgence of the muscle car. Now the muscle car is coming to its end. Fortunately, there is hope that new electric vehicles will build upon recent torque and acceleration prowess. Dodge has teased the following: NASCAR GOING ELECTRIC? NASCAR vehicles still have a manual transmissionContinue reading “Electric Racing”